Priority to Domestic violence and sexual Violence victims

Why do Victims need thEIr Own attorneys?

Throughout history victims of crime have alternately been treated unfairly, overlooked, excluded, and considered to be merely another piece of evidence in a criminal trial. Recognizing these injustices, in 1990 Arizona became one of the first states to write protections for victims into the State Constitution. Yet, injustices for crime victims remain all too common today as the legal community struggles to balance the rights of victims, the rights of the defendant and the interests of the State.

Victims’ rights violations can occur by any of the actors in the criminal justice system—the prosecutor, the court, the defendant—and at any time in the criminal justice process, even before the case is scheduled for its first hearing.  The only way to be certain that a victim’s rights are properly asserted and enforced is if the victim has legal representation of his or her own. 

Legal Services for Crime Victims in Arizona (LSCVA) aims to do just that. 


Our Practice

Nonprofit Legal Representation

Legal Services for Crime Victims in Arizona is a 501(c)(3) legal charity.  

Our services are free to crime victims.  

practice areas

LSCVA focuses exclusively on asserting and seeking enforcement of crime victims' rights.  This means LSCVA addresses victims' rights issues on a daily basis, not just occasionally. 

Our Team

At LSCVA each case is assigned a legal team, made up of a crime victims' rights attorney and a victim advocate.  The attorney focuses on legal issues and the victim advocate focuses on providing social services and resources.

Our Mission


LSCVA’s mission is to provide free legal representation in criminal cases to victims of crime in Arizona, with priority to victims of domestic violence and sexual violence. LSCVA asserts and seeks enforcement of crime victims’ rights and provides social services to facilitate healing in the aftermath of crime. 



"I am a victim of sexual and domestic violence and am being given free services to heal."

F.N. (Mother of Victim)

"Victims need the support, encouragement, and expertise of these committed attorneys."


"Things would be very different for me right now [without LSCVA's help] and for that I am truly grateful."


"I was lost for guidance, and [LSCVA’s victim advocate] was a wealth of information. She explained the expected process and gave me lots of numbers to call for counseling, which I needed badly."


"LSCVA helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. The amount of help they provided has been more then I could have asked for. I am a stronger person to this day because of their support, encouragement, and the knowledge they provided me with so I can further advocate for my daughter and myself."


“I still run experiences by my attorney and advocates [ ]. The most amazing people were those who listened to my narrative and didn't try to change it.”

G.C. & B.C.

"Our team has been especially helpful and caring in our situation. We have been contacted many times by [the victim advocate] with regards to what is going on in our case and what LSCVA can do to help us through this tragedy. We so appreciate the time they always take to keep us informed. [Our team] has been with us from the beginning and are always available to answer any concerns we have. We have a team of angels who deeply care and support us...we are very thankful for them. They give is the strength and encouragement we need.  THANK YOU TEAM!"


As part of my ability to cope with the murder of my mother, I was supported through the journey for justice by [LSCVA’s Team].  You can’t imagine the trauma, confusion, sadness and anger every time you get a phone call or email about the case.  And, as much as you want information and updates, they also cause additional questions, and emotions, that are overwhelming to deal with.  The work and dedication of the team at LSCVA was essential to me, and helped to ease the stress, fear, and anxiety of the legal process.  There is no way for me to capture the impact, or need, for services like this; many survivors don’t have access to these type of services and are left alone in the shambles of the storm – in shock, in pain, in disbelief. 


"[When my family and I met LSCVA's attorney she] immediately began informing us of the rights a victim had. Her insight and knowledge of the law calmed us.  Her honesty and sincere compassion for what we were going through gained our trust.  [Throughout the case] LSCVA's attorney has never once lied to my family. She was never late.  She gained rapport with the prosecutor, with whom she worked diligently, fighting for our rights as victims, ensuring the court always heard our voices. Without LSCVA's help, our rights would have been constantly at risk of being violated.  Worse yet, trampled on, without our ever knowing they were."

Cases most often handled by LSCVA:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Assault
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Strangulation
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Child Sexual Assault
  • Child Pornography
  • Revenge Porn
  • Domestic Violence Homicide

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